Sunday, July 19, 2015

A Family Picture and Beach Recap

I thought going to the beach with kids would be absolutely stress inducing. Surprisingly, this was a very relaxing trip. Your dad is amazing and watched your siblings so that you and I could get some naps in. The whole family pitched in. We drove about 12 (if you're on time) hours to Cape San Blas, Florida. Your grandparents generously gifted the family with this vacation. We hung out on the beach, played in the pool and generally rested. We even drove home all in one fell swoop. My feet were not too small by the time we got home. Other weird symptoms I'm having: joint pain that hurts like the devil. I can't move my fingers well or bend my knees. Imagine how fun it is to go to the bathroom like a gazillion times a day when it hurts to bend your knees. My shoulders ache some but it's the fingers and the knees that are killing me. The midwives don't know if it is my shots, something else or just a fluke. I'm not enjoying it. Plus, all I want is to take a bottle of Ibuprofen (not allowed during pregnancy.) But overall, who can complain when you've got such a sweet little Caboose on board?

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