Wednesday, July 13, 2016


Well, we made it! You had a GREAT time in Disney World. It was super hot but you laughed and charmed us all. (Not surprising, that's just who you are.)

You ate your way around the world in Epcot (like the rest of us.) Mama maybe even let you taste a few desserts (shhh) including the famous Dole Whip. Every time I'd give you a lick of something Daddy would say "Fourrrrrth Chiiiiiild." Yes, you are my fourth. You are my last. I get to make the rules. ::Sticks out tongue.::

I was worried about you on the plane but you were a delight. In fact, Hannah had a wee little bit of trouble, but you did just fine. Mostly just nursing and sleeping. Daddy drove with Solomon and Sarah Grace. We flew with Aunt Becky and Grandma and Granddad. It was nice to have so much help walking through the airport. That could have been sticky alone.

You and Zeph became friends at Disney and sadly he figured out how to say your name correctly. Prior to that he was calling you "Mer Ter Ter" which we all loved and found hilarious. I have a feeling that one is going to stick around.

It was a successful trip by everyone's standards. And, don't tell anyone, but you're the only kid coming on the girls' trip in October. More Dole Whip, perhaps?

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