Tuesday, August 11, 2015

38 Weeks and a Visit With the Doulas

Hey! Look! It's OK for you to come now. But, I have no delusions that you will for a while. Tonight we met with our doulas (Robin, Angela and Nicole.) We talked about birth preferences. For the most part the plan is the same as with the previous births. Go to Clark, have a baby, try not to use drugs. While I think I would have had a better experience with Solomon's birth if I had used medicine, I am glad I didn't with your sisters' births. I pray that you give me an easy experience. I also would love it if you wouldn't break your clavicle like your sister did (OK? Got it.) The midwives think you'll be equally as big as your siblings. Your heartrate has been in the 140's - perfectly between old wives' tales about your sex. Let's work together and we'll make this as easy as possible.

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