Friday, August 28, 2015

Really, It's OK to Come Out

Here we are - 40w4d. You won't make it here in the next hour and 10 minutes, so you officially win the 2nd place prize for Benz gestation length (I'm saying second because if you make Mama carry you farther than SG -41w5d- you'll be in BIG trouble.) I've been trying to gently give you the eviction notice- walking, bouncing on the birth ball, baths with clary sage oil, The Miles Circuit, etc. but you seem comfy in there. Part of me wonders if I am having trouble letting go of you because of you being the last. But then I remember that I want to actually MEET you - and I'm OK with you coming.

At our 40w visit one of your midwives (Alison) and I talked about how I had a lot of weight loss last week and my belly looked smaller. We suspect that you don't have as much fluid as you did, so I've been drinking water and Gatorade like a crazy person. What I really don't want to happen is to make it to your 41w appointment on Monday and find out that your fluid is too low and you have to be induced. Induction in the hospital is not very much fun and I'd rather not partake, thankyouverymuch.

People are annoying the heck out of me these days. They all want to know why you haven't come yet. Uh, because you haven't. It's not like I put a cork in there. I'm doing my best to be patient with people and keep the snark out. Even Sarah Grace is really frustrated. Every day that we wake up all at home (instead of the hospital) she yells at us that we should have had the baby last night. Today was really emotionally tough. Your sisters and brother were being ca-ra-zy and whiny and I snapped and made them stay in the basement until Daddy came home. Then we went to the mall and walked and went to hibachi for dinner. One last big night out for everyone and then you can come (ha.)

We *think* we have names for you  but we're just not 100%. I want to see your sweet little face before I decide. And I think once I know if you're a boy or a girl I'll be able to stress less. Might as well get rid of half of the equation from the start, right?

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